The International Sentinel Node Society serves and coordinates the needs of the diverse community of physicians and scientists who study the sentinel node.
It is now clear that the sentinel node concept, as originally described in patients with melanoma, is applicable to any type of malignant tumor that has the potential to spread via lymphatics to lymph nodes. Thus sentinel node technology has now entered a new phase of discovery and treatment. This technique has great potential for individualized management of solid tumors and will be one of the most important issues for surgical oncology in the 21st century. It is also apparent that successful application of sentinel node technology requires close cooperation between surgeons, pathologists and nuclear medicine physicians.


In 2016, for the second time, the ISNS Biannual meeting will take place in Italy. The city of Milan, will welcome from the 30th april to the 2nd may medical doctors, nurses, technicians, physicians and scientist from the whole world to talk about “The sentinel Node in the era of individualized management of cancer patients”.


Nicola Mozzillo

Director Department Melanoma and Soft Tissue Scientific Deputy Director National Cancer Institute of Naples

Dr. Nicola Mozzillo is Vice-President of the Scientific Activity at the National Cancer Institute of Naples; Director of the Department of Surgery at the National Cancer Institute of Naples and Director of the Division of Surgical Oncology B at the National Cancer Institute of Naples. He has received numerous awards and honors, such as: Member of the Scientific Advisory 4th Biennial International Sentinel Node Congress Los Angeles (California); President of the Italian Society of Surgical Oncology (SICO); Member of the Scientific Sentinel Node Yokohama (Japan), etc. He has been an executive member of Italian Melanoma Intergroup; an executive member from the World Federation of Societies of Surgical Oncology and the International Sentinel Node Society; President of the Italian Society of Surgical Oncology. He also has collaborated with many companies, such as: Italian Society of Surgery; International College of Surgeons; European Society of Surgical Oncology; New York Academy of Science; Surgical Infection Society; Italian Society of Surgery in Gastoenterology; European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition; Neapolitan Society of Surgery.

Alessandro Testori

Chairman EORTC Melanoma Group 2012-2014 Chairman chirurgia/surgical subgroup EORTC Melanoma Group Director Dermato-oncological division Istituto Europeo di Oncologia

Dr. Alessandro Testori is Director of the Division Melanoma and Cutaneous Muscle Sarcoma at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan; he was Head Melanoma Unit and Physician assistant at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan. His training took place between the University of Milan, graduating in Medicine with specialization in General Surgery and the University of Glasgow Royal Infirmary in Scotland.